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A Turkish teenager was found dead. His name was Abdullah and he was fifteen years old. The story begins like this…

He lived in the northern town of Alhambra, close to the northern province of Urfa. He was very active in football, which he played for the local club and also for a junior team. He was also part of a youth group, in which he was chairman of. All in all, he was a well-liked and respected individual, but still, his death was relatively unheard of.

It was a long weekend, when Abdullah called the family into his study. They were about to go on holiday, and he wanted them to sign up. Of course, the whole family refused. He had told them that he would not do so, but that they could still give their full support, and they could do it if they wanted. He was about to speak when he suddenly fell ill.

He told them that he felt very tired, he had suffered a stomach ache, and that he was feeling slightly weak. He then explained that he felt that he had eaten something very late that evening, and that he could not remember what it was.

The family now knew that he had eaten some new items from the local market – Turkish sweets. They suspected the night before, when Abdullah had been feeling unusually tired and hungry. The answer came when he had become very pale after he had eaten the Turkish sweets and had vomited.

As he had not suffered from any major illnesses at this time, the family consulted a general medical check to see what could have caused his symptoms. They were told that the stomach was very sensitive to certain foods, particularly dairy products.

A surgeon was sent to look at him and determine whether he should take him home or not. They found that the problem was that his stomach was not able to cope with the amount of dairy that he was used to eating.

Finally, Abdullah was moved to the local hospital. There, he had to be given a course of antibiotics, but they could not find out why he had been so weak.